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Class of 2022

Victoria Becker
• Current Position:
Associate, Orr Group
• Related Field(s): Nonprofit management and development

Lavon Davis
• Current Position:
PhD student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
• Related Field(s): Discourse analysis, examining Black professionals’ identity construction in higher education roles

John Dudley
• Current Position:
Senior Intelligence Analyst, Blue Halo
• Related Field(s): Defense & security, natural language processing, Arabic and Somali linguistics

Kayla Garrett
• Current Position:
Marketing & Communications Associate, Centene Corporation
• Related Field(s): Discourse analysis; diversity, equity & inclusion, communications, discourse analysis

Aine McAlinden
• Current Position:
Dialogue Designer, PolyAI
• Related Field(s): Conversation design, user experience

Rachel Lorch
• Current Position:
Events & Communications Associate, InnovateEDU
• Related Field(s): K-12 education, diversity, equity and accessibility, discourse analysis

Mario Moreno
• Current Position:
Virtual Assistance Dialogue Writer, MotherTongue
• Related Field(s): Conversation design, user experience, large language modelling, natural language processing

Marcus Robinson
Current Position:
Instructional Designer, Apple
Related Field(s): Discourse analysis, identity construction, inclusive language

Emily Schluper
• Current Position:
Outreach Associate, Capstone
• Related Field(s): Event management, language in the corporate workplace

Angelique Marie Southern
• Current Position:
English Language Teacher, China
• Related Field(s): EFL, discourse analysis, creative writing, communication

Parker Strubhar
• Current Position:
Certification Specialist, Relativity
• Related Field(s): Media production

Class of 2021

Nicole Abou Samra
Current Position: Researcher, Linguistic Insights & Analytics, Verilogue, Publicis Health

Related Field(s): Discourse analysis, health communication

Peri Beckerman
Current Position: Front desk assistant, National Trust for Historic Preservation

• Related Field(s): Museum studies, discourse analysis

Alexandra Chugunova Frazier
Current Position: Communications assistant, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution
• Related Field
Multimedia design, communications

Emily Fisher
Current Position: Analyst, Listening & Linguistics, inVibe Labs
• Related Field(s):
Digital discourse analysis

Michaela Fox
Current Position: Marketing & Communications Consultant, IMAGO Global Grassroots
• Related Field(s):
Education, intercultural communication

Alix Kraminitz
Current Position: Staff Interpreter (ASL), TCS Interpreting
• Related Field(s):
Discourse analysis, Narrative analysis, American Sign Language

Valentina Michelotti
Current Position: Curriculum Writer, The Horticultural Society of New York
• Related Field(s):
Second language acquisition and multilingualism, language assessment, less commonly taught languages

Marcus Robinson II

Class of 2020

Jordana Bickel
Current Position: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, Czech Republic
Related Field(s):
Museum studies, discourse analysis

Katya Derzon

Nicole Gomez Rosado

Sara Grzywacz
Current Position: Program Coordinator, Center for Intercultural Education and Development, Georgetown University
Related Field(s):
Language and health, discourse analysis of yoga, language and politics

Janine Karo
Current Position: Analyst, Listening & Linguistics, inVibe Labs
Related Field(s):
Mandarin, identity construction in digital media, multimodal discourse analysis

Jungyoon Koh
Current Position: PhD student, Sociolinguistics concentration, Georgetown University Department of Linguistics
Related Field(s): Computer-mediated discourse analysis, language and identity, multimodal interaction, conversation design

Class of 2019

Tanner Call
Current Position: Rater & Testing Specialist, FBI
Related Field(s): Language Assessment, Government

Alannah Connolly
Current Position: Language Strategist, maslansky + partners
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Rebecca Farkas
Current Position: Technology Manager, Georgetown University
Related Field(s) : Technology, Education

Serena Gleklen
Current Position: Manager, Human Resources, Purple Strategies
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Shelby Lake
Current Position: Director, Client Services, Morning Consult
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Tripp Maloney
Current Position: Analyst, Listening & Linguistics, inVibe
Related Field(s): Health Communication, Technology, Research

Katie Mikalnik
Current Position: Management and Program Analyst/Editor, U.S. Department of Justice
Related Field(s): Government, Management

Kenzie Offley
Current Position: Digital/online Products Assistant, SAGE Publishing
Related Field(s): Publishing, Technology

Jade Ponciano
Current Position: Academic Services Coordinator, Elsmere Education
Related Field(s): Education, Program Coordination

Margaret Rowe
Current Position: Research Analyst at National Association of Independent Schools
Related Field(s): Non-profit, Research, Education

Class of 2018

Gabriel Rodriguez
Current Position: Freelance Writer
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Class of 2017

Cally Alessi
Current Position: Data Scientist, Nielsen
Related Field(s): Marketing, Data Science, Qualitative Research

Anne Butler
Current Position: Qualitative Research Manager, Market & Communications Intelligence, Ascension
Related Field(s): Health Communications, Program Coordination

Anne Musica
Current Position: Program Coordinator, MA in Educational Transformation and MA in Learning, Design and Technology, Georgetown University
Related Field(s): Education, Program Coordination

Julia Rayhill
Current Position: Spanish Instructor, The Hotchkiss School
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching

Hannah Sullivan
Current Position: Language Strategist, maslansky + partners
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Emily Summers
Current Position: Behavioral Methodologist, Nielsen
Related Field(s): Marketing, Data Science

Peter Tontillo
Current Position: Senior Associate, Hattaway Communications
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Ping-Hsuan Wang
Current Position: Private English Teacher, Independent Scholar
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching

Class of 2016

Katarina Starcevic
Current Position: Director of Language Strategy, maslansky + partners
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac
Current Position: Public Affairs Manager, Wireless Infrastructure Association
Related Field(s): Management, Technology

Katherine Lucey
Current Position: Vice President of Language Science and Communication, H.S. Dracones LLC
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Xiaopei Wu

Current Position: Machine Learning Engineer, Red Marker
Related Field(s): Computational linguistics, Natural Language Processing

Osama Atwa

Class of 2015

Gwynne Mapes
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher & Lecturer, Department of English, University of Bern
Related Field(s): Education, Research, Teaching

Andrea P. Ferguson
Current Position: Health Education Specialist, Lorain County General Health District
Related Field(s): Government, Health Communication & Education

Hanwool Choe
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Hong Kong
Related Field(s): Multimodal discourse analysis, family discourse, food vlogging

Matthew Mermel
Current Position: Arabic Translator, Industry Arabic
Related Field(s): Translation/interpretation

Kristine Bundschuh
Current Position: PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of New Hampshire
Related Field(s): Education

Glenn Abastillas
Current Position: Data Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Lauren J. Milligan
Current Position: Data Scientist, Medical Science and Computing
Related Field(s): Information Technology, Data Science, Research

Paige Arthur
Current Position: Consumer & Product Insights Manager, him and hers
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Jehan Almahmoud
Current Position: PhD Candidate in Sociolinguistics, Georgetown University Department of Linguistics
Related Field(s): Education