Past Alumni

Jen Johnson
Current Position: Senior Analyst, Remitly
Related Field(s): Financial Service

Victoria Kirgesner
Current Position: Latin Teacher, Cuyahoga Falls City School
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching

Yasmin Morgan
Current Position: Live Voice Writer, National Captioning Institute
Related Field(s): Non-profit, Broadcast Media

Samantha Musser
Current Position: Associate Manager, Speaking Test Development, Center for Applied Linguistics
Related Field(s): Language Testing & Assessment, Education

Julia Weisman
Current Position: Research Consultant, Hanover Research
Related Field(s): Research

Alexandra Botti
Current Position: Senior Producer, Axios
Related Field(s): Broadcast Media

Amanda Tolbert

Megan Phillips

Alison Honig DeBoer
Current Position: Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, Georgetown University
Related Field(s): Education, Management

Noelle Galos
Current Position: Participation Support Staff, Smithsonian Institution
Related Field(s): Museum, Customer Services

Lauren G. Johnson
Current Position: Manuscript Editor, Social Sciences & Humanities Journals, University of Chicago Press
Related Field(s): Publishing, Editing Services

Elizabeth M. Merkhofer
Current Position: Lead Computational Linguist, MITRE; Adjunct Professor of Computational Linguistics, Georgetown University
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching, Data Science, Computational Linguistics

John Spangler
Current Position: Assistant Attorney General, State of Michigan
Related Field(s): Law, Government

Esther Surenthiraraj
Current Position: Lecturer, University of Colombo
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching, Research

Renee Tomlin
Current Position: Professional Athlete, USA Triathlon
Related Field(s): Sports

Casey Tesfaye
Current Position: Lead Project Manager, Research Support Services Inc.
Related Field(s): Research, Translation

Takafumi Ohyama
Current Position: PhD student, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University; Japanese instructor, Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures, Georgetown
Related Field(s):
Theoretical Linguistics

Katherine Hilton
Current Position: Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, UC Berkley
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching, Research

Steven Kellems
Current Position: Manager, Frontend Developer II, Lending Tree
Related Field(s): Financial Services

Madoka Koide
Current Position: Humanitarian Affairs Officer, OCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
Related Field(s): Intergovernmental Organization

Holly Lopez Long
Current Position: Researcher & Associate Instructor, Indiana University at Bloomington
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching, Research

Elvira Magomedova
Current Position: Junior Linguist, Google
Related Field(s): Technology, Computational Linguistics

Elizabeth P. Miller-Cannon
Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Porterville College
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching

Shannon Pierce
Current Position: Analyst, Inmar
Related Field(s): Information Technology & Services

Carolyn Reed
Current Position: Lead Voice Researcher, Comcast
Related Field(s): Telecommunications, Voice Recognition, Research

Zainab Rhazi
Current Position: Expert Linguist, Acclaim Technical Services
Related Field(s): Defense & Space, Language & Intelligence Analysis Services

Matthew Ross
Current Position: Senior Proposal Writer, General Dynamics Information Technology
Related Field(s): Information Technology & Services

Kimberly Shepard
Current Position: Director, UX Operations & Creative Management, Marriott International
Related Field(s): UX, Management

Kathryn Ticknor
Current Position: Research Director, inVibe Labs
Related Field(s): Health Communication, Market Research

Phan K. Connolly
Current Position: Human Capital Analyst Lead & Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Ryan Connolly
Current Position: President & Executive Producer, SuperSight Media Inc.
Related Field(s): Creative Production

Adrienne Lynett
Current Position: Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, Long Beach City College
Related Fields: Education, Teaching

Greg Niedt
Current Position: Senior Project Manager of Language Access & Proficiency Program, Nationalities Service Center
Related Field(s): Immigrant and Refugee Services, Education

Holly Richardson
Current Position: Director, Thread Strategies
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Josh Ziegler
Current Position: Principal Computational Linguist, Spokestack
Related Field(s): Voice Recognition, Technology

Alicia Ward

Marni Myers
Current Position: Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Sara Ray
Current Position: Vice President of Community Insights, The Mighty
Related Field(s): Health Communication, Technology

Zainab Senhaji Rhazi
Current Position: Expert Linguist, Acclaim Technical Services
Related Field(s): Language and Intelligence Services

Magen Aucoin
Current Position: Co-founder, Budding Elm
Related Field(s): Education

Silvia Baena
Current Position: Head of Sales Programs EMEA, Salesforce
Related Field(s): Customer Relationship Management, Technology

Sonia Checchia
Current Position: Creative Director, Creative Types Consulting Group, LLC
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Katy Hewett
Current Position: Associate Director, Ogilvy Health
Related Field(s): Health Communication, Marketing, Advertising

Anissa Sorokin
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Writing Program Administrator, Stevenson University
Related Field(s): Education, Teaching, Research

Monica Belford

Amani Rishmawi

Marcia Aguiniga

Samantha Demetriou
Current Position: Policy Director, Verisign Inc.
Related Field(s): Technology

Joe Denvey
Current Position: Linguistic Consultant & Technical Communications Specialist, Joseph J. Denvey Consulting
Related Field(s): Communication, Consulting

Alison Kalantzis
Current Position: Executive Assistant & Manager, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Related Field(s): Administrative Services, Architectural & Urban Planning, Engineering

Nicole Cannavo

Robin Cole

Kathryn Mclntyre

Michelle Kalinski
Current Position: Owner of Boulder Gift Company
Related Field(s): Private Business

Kathryn Altemore

Sehar Azad

Claudia Caicedo

Jamie Hudzik

Alexandra Burguieres
Current Position: Owner of Gallery Burguieres
Related Field(s): Arts

Siobhan Gallagher
Current Position: Freelance translator and interpreter
Related Field(s): Translation/interpretation