The M.A. in Language and Communication is a professionally-oriented program within the Linguistics Department at Georgetown University. This program cultivates strong research and analytical abilities in sociolinguistics, specifically discourse analysis (e.g. narrative analysis and cross cultural communication), ethnography, and pragmatics. The program is designed to link these theories to practice in a range of professional fields.

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This program is suited for college graduates with a B.A. or B.S. (with majors including, but not limited to, humanities and social sciences) interested in applying their sociolinguistic training in professional contexts. In addition, this program is also appropriate for members of the workforce (public and private sectors) who seek advancement, or those who desire further credentials for medical, law or, business school.

MLC students participate in professional socialization events and career education activities targeted for sociolinguists. This personalized career development is designed to enable students to articulate how their skills and training are of particular value in workplace settings, institutions, and professions that depend largely upon language to accomplish their goals. You can learn more about us through exploring profiles on alumni and current students, and a more in depth look at the program through the eyes of the MLC’s current and former directors.