Career Resources

MLC’s Favorite Career Resources

​These resources are designed to help you start thinking about what a career means to you, what type of career you’d like to pursue, and how you might want to incorporate linguistics into your field of choice.

Brainstorming Careers: For Linguists

Advice and Suggestions

  • Versatile PhD Forums for graduate-degree holders (in all disciplines) looking for non-academic careers.
  • Brazen Careerist: A blog which bills itself as giving “advice at the intersection between work and life”.
  • Canada Work Preference Quiz: A site designed to help you explore your interests and the way you like to work (important aspects to consider in deciding on a career direction).
  • Employee insights on thousands of companies, plus regularly updated career advice information.
  • Candidate’s Chair: A practical guide to job search and networking for candidates by candidates.
  • Wet Feet: Our mission is to equip job seekers like you with the advice, research, and inspiration you need to plan and achieve a successful career.
  • Career Stuff You Should Know: A blog maintained by Darryl Stevens, the Assistant Director of the Career Center at UC Riverside. Useful information about salary ranges, career exploration, informational interviewing, etc.
  • Beyond Academe: The site includes useful information including tips on transforming a CV into a resume, beginning and conducting a job search, as well a whole host of other information.
  • O*Net: detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

Organizations of Interest

The organizations below have hired linguists and language/communication experts in the past. Included with some of these descriptions are quotes by executives in the organization about why knowledge of language is critical for potential hirees. Have more to add? Contact us!


  • The web site of  The American Association of Retired Persons lists vacancies in Product Development and Management, Marketing and Organizational Relations, Administrative in Broadcast, Media Relations, Brand Management, Publications, Internal/Corporate Communications and Public Outreach.

AllWorld Language Consultants, Inc.

  • a consulting firm that provides technical and professional services such as: translation, interpretation, transcription, multi-media production, training, and intelligence support

Brand Institute

  • assists clients in all phases of name development


  • provides its clients with corporate names, brand names, taglines and slogans using “linguistic analysis”

Center for Inspired Teaching

  • finds ways to use classroom-based research to help students, teachers, and schools reach their full potential
  • “Anyone working in schools needs a thorough understanding of language and communication.” — Julie Sweetland

Center for narrative studies

  • a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to applying narrative theory to train leaders by teaching them to “apply narrative approaches to engage creatively with conflict and change”

Communication for social change

  • international nonprofit organization working in developing and industrialized countries to build local capacity of poor and marginalized communities to use communication in order to improve their own lives.

Comprehensive Language Center

  • provides narration services such as: script review and translation, text and footage review and editing for cultural appropriateness, professional narration, and target-language specialists

Corporate Resource Group, Inc

  • “dedicated to the implementation of business strategy by more effective selection of people, development of people, and improvement in productivity through enhanced interpersonal working relationships.”

Cultural Logic

  • uses expert knowledge of language and culture to help organizations understand how Americans think about their issue and frame their messages for maximum effect
  • (Joe Grady, the co-founder and principal is a cognitive linguist, who has taught linguistics at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland.)

Equals Three Communications

  • social marketing agency offering expertise in research, public and media relations, meetings and conferences, strategic philanthropy and minority outreach

Frameworks Institute

  • changing the public conversation around social issues

Gap International, Inc.

  • provides training and development, coaching and consulting for executives and their organizations


  • A good story well told can change the world. Haberman tells those stories, creating integrated marketing programs in partnership with the leading entrepreneurs, innovators, healers and heroes of our day to help their companies and organizations grow and succeed. These are the pioneers of our day, and we bring their stories to life through branding, advertising, public relations, social media, grassroots engagement and more.

Institute for International Education

  • Promotes closer educational relations between the people of the United States and those of other countries
  • “You have to know how to relate to people from other countries, know the assumptions that are behind questions that you ask. Having International experience is key.”


  • specializes in brand naming and identity systems

International Rescue Committee

  • provides services for persons fleeing war, persecution and violent conflict


  • focuses on making brand names, taglines and systems resonate with diverse cultures

Many Languages One Voice

  • working to empower limited and non-english proficient communities in D.C.

Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs

  • advancing DC’s Latino/a population. Liaises with grassroots and community groups


  • creator of educational game applications for learners of all ages

Narativ, Inc

  • trains organizations and companies to improve communication and understanding through storytelling

The National Academies

  • independent scientific advisory

National Endowment for the Humanities

  • promoting humanities and qualitative research

National Science Foundation

  • promoting the natural and social sciences; scientific administration


  • creates new brand names for products, services, corporate identities and web brands and researches their international suitability


  • a computer software technology corporation providing speech and imaging applications

Ogilvy Common Health

  • We provide a full continuum of “For the Life of the Brand™” services to the healthcare industry including advertising and promotion, brand identity and development, global integration, direct-to-consumer, direct-to-patient, relationship marketing, digital/interactive services, managed care marketing, medical education, media planning and buying, clinical trial recruitment, market research and analytics, strategic consulting, and public affairs and relations.

Opening Doors Diversity Project

  • provides consultation around diversity management, organizational development, change management and strategic planning
  • “The best preparation is understanding the power of words to help people to navigate through past learning without blame, using words that allow people to express what they are feeling without being critical”

Porter Novelli

  • uses a unique branding strategy called “story branding”, evoking recognizable storylines

Practica Group, LLC.

  • offers consulting services for businesses concerning the strategic naming of their products and services

Rosetta Stone

  • computer-assisted language learning program that teaches more than 30 languages

Smithsonian Institution

  • outreach, public education, and research across 19 museums and galleries

Social Marketing Institute

  • seeks to advance the science and practice of social marketing


  • helps clients manage their customer care operations

The Diversity Training Group

  • focuses on implementing diversity strategies and the teaching of the values of diversity


  • connects clients’ brands with “vision, fundraising, communications, promotions, and culture change”


  • helps educators and students prevent online plagiarism


  • promotes linguistic diversity and intercultural dialogue


  • focuses on language and communication between patients, physicians and the healthcare industry

Finding Jobs as a Sociolinguist

Where can I search for jobs? These are some of our favorite aggregate sites and job search engines for specific industries.  These will get you started – but don’t forget to network, use LinkedIn, and seek out the HR websites for organizations you’re interested in!