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Applications are due January 1 for Fall semester admission

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There is no GRE requirement for the MLC Program. Research shows that standardized test scores do not predict graduate school performance. Standardized tests like the GRE are barriers that cost time and money and place a disproportionate burden on many applicants.

To start your application, you’ll create an account at the Application Portal of the Georgetown Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This is the only portal you’ll use to submit your application materials.

Application Materials:

  1. Personal statement of about 500 words
  2. Writing sample: About 10-20 pages of writing in either 1) an academic genre such as a research paper, term paper, or research proposal. The topic does not have to be in linguistics if you have never studied linguistics before. Or 2) A longer piece of professional writing (grant proposal, program evaluation, report, white paper, etc.)
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation from academic or professional supervisors. We recommend at least 2 of 3 be faculty who are familiar with your academic work.
  4. Transcripts from any previous undergraduate and graduate institutions. You may submit unofficial transcripts with the understanding that you will submit official transcripts upon offer of admission.
  5. A TOEFL or TOEIC score: Only for applicants who have not attended an English-language medium institution of higher education before
  6. Application fee: USD 95.00 for 2020-21

Applications are due on January 1 for admission in the Fall semester of the same year.

When complete, your application will be sent to the Director of the MLC program, who will review it with other sociolinguistic faculty. You should receive a response about 6 weeks following the application deadline.

Offers of admission will be accompanied by an offer to visit campus (virtually or in person) for an Admitted Students Day in mid-March.

You will automatically be considered for merit-based, partial-tuition scholarships that will cover the cost of tuition for one 3-credit graduate class for Fall semester and Spring semester of your first year. You can find information about graduate tuition cost and funding sources at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Office of Student Financial Services website. There is no extra application for these scholarships.

There is one Full-tuition merit-based scholarship available that will pay your full Master’s program tuition. This is geared towards students who are particularly interested in studying linguistic and cultural diversity.

Please note that for the 2020-21 academic year, the cost of graduate tuition will be reduced by 5%.

You are welcome to communicate at any time with MLC Director, Dr. Alexandra Johnston, about the materials you plan to submit. I’ll answer your questions about requirements, framing your personal statement, coursework, and our Georgetown community. You are welcome to reach out for a discussion to see if the MLC is right for you and to make your application the best it can be.