Alumni Engagement Opportunities

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Volunteer at our Annual Career Mixer!

Students and Career Linguists mingle at MLC Career Mixer 2019

“As someone who can be repelled by the word ‘networking,’ I was struck by how friendly and approachable everyone was and how eager they were to share advice and offer new points of contact. Linguists really do look out for one another!” – Julia Weisman, MLC 2014

The MLC Career Mixer is an annual event that brings together professionals in a variety of fields relevant to linguists — from research and consulting to writing and education. We are thrilled to invite linguistics students at all stages of their educational and professional development to attend and to learn about some of the exciting opportunities and possible career paths for people with skills and training in linguistics.

The mixer is an amazing opportunity for professional alumni to reconnect with the MLC and to spread the word about your organizations. Want to know more?  Contact Dr. Alexandra Johnston about joining us as a participant!

“All the representatives were friendly and very willing to chat. I had great conversations about my career possibilities after graduating, and found myself considering options I wouldn’t have thought of before the expo.” – Gwynne Mapes, MLC 2016