Osama Atwa

Osama is a second year MLC student.

Tanner Call

Tanner graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Linguistics and a minor in English. He is currently in his first year of the MLC program, and his research interests include communication breakdown, forensic linguistics, and medical discourse. He is particularly interested in how power and stigma manifest themselves in communication. Tanner hopes to find a career that helps people communicate more effectively on a personal and public level. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking meals (that only require one burner), and watching copious amounts of television with his wife.

Alannah Connolly

Alannah is a first year MLC student.

Rebecca Farkas

Rebecca is a first year MLC student from Los Angeles, CA, and she graduated Wellesley College in 2017 with a BA in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences (and a minor in Psychology). Her broad interests include identity creation/"branding" through language, political discourse, and computer-mediated communication, which is likely the result of spending too much time reading what politicians post online. Outside of academics, Rebecca likes playing volleyball and singing with anyone who will let her, as well as lurking on etymonline.com and laughing at linguistics memes.

Serena Gleklen

Serena is a first year MLC student.

Nimitha Kommoju

Nimitha is from San Jose, California, and studied Linguistics and Classics at UC Davis. Her current research focuses on identity and interaction and the problematization of Whiteness in computer-mediated communication. She is interested in issues of critical digital literacy, trust and reliability in institutional discourse, and positive discourse analysis as a tool for understanding marginalized perspectives. She spends her free time attempting to run unsupported Flash games, collecting JSTOR articles only for the permitted uses as outlined in sections 4 and 5 of the Terms and Conditions, and knitting.p>

Shelby Lake

Shelby Lake is from Raleigh, North Carolina, and studied Biology and English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has worked in science education and communication in such diverse places as Durham, NC and Saga Prefecture, Japan, and currently works on an education project at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Shelby is broadly interested in style-shifting and audience design, and specifically how these apply to scientific discourse and curiosity. In his free time, he likes to experiment with baking and take his camera around the city to get a fresh look on familiar places.

Tripp Maloney

Tripp is a first-year MLC student from Port St. John, Florida. He graduated in Spring 2016 from Wake Forest University with a BA in Spanish and as many Linguistics classes under his belt as he could make time for. After undergrad, he entered the workforce, working in medical transport and sales. Currently, he is interested in research on jargons and vocational language, as well as the intersection of discourse and business. Outside of academics, he is an fan of pro wrestling and a musical hobbyist, having played several different wind instruments in undergrad.

Katie Mikalnik

Katie is a second year MLC student.

Kenzie Offley

Kenzie is a first year MLC student.

Jade Ponciano

Jade is from a small beach town in Los Angeles, California, and completed her undergraduate degrees in Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of Southern California while developing professionally through a variety of internships and jobs (linkedin.com/in/jadeponciano/). She has since abandoned the sunny skies and palm tree-lined streets for opportunities through the MLC program and a full-time position on the teaching staff of the Georgetown Law Early Learning Center. She is excited about everything the MLC program, her new job, and new city have to offer in her eventual goal of work in educational technology and media. In her free time, Jade takes dance classes, pretends she can cook well, and tries really hard to be interesting on LING Twitter (@jadeponciano).

Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabe is a second year MLC student.

Margaret Anne Rowe

Margaret Anne Rowe is a first-year student in the MLC enrolled in the linguistics department’s 5-year BA/MA program. She will graduate from Georgetown University in spring 2018 with bachelor’s degrees in linguistics and French, and again in 2019 with her MA. A former intern for the Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center, she now works as a language editorial assistant at Georgetown University Press and is president of the Creative Writing Club. Margaret Anne is currently writing her senior thesis, using discourse analysis to examine how friends communicate over video chat, and is excited to continue studying communication in all its diverse forms through the MLC. She hails mostly from Macon, Georgia (going to high school there after moving seven times), and in her free time enjoys listening to weird podcasts and playing alto saxophone in the Georgetown Pep Band.