Writing Resources

Writing is one of the most important skills you acquire throughout your academic and professional journey. Writing for different audiences, and communicating your ideas clearly and according to the register of your audience, all require careful preparation and continuous reflection on the part of the writer.

Check out some of the tips for writers in (socio)linguistics that we have collected over the years:

Surviving Linguistics by Monica Macauley is a must read for linguistics graduate students, full of tips on writing, constructing research projects, publishing, and the academic job search.

Linguistic subdisciplines have their own intricacies and expectations. Explore some possible ways to construct your short discourse analysis papers, from Linguistics Department alumna Jennifer McFadden.

Dr. Anna Marie Trester, a.k.a Career Linguist and one of the MLC’s former directors, has put together a useful list of writing tips for students of discourse analysis.