Resume Resources

The resume is an introduction to your, chronicling your relevant work experience, education, and most importantly, the skills you have to offer an organization.

Be sure to talk about your skills – the scientific study of language cultivates a number of skills and abilities including the following:

  • Heightened cultural awareness
  • Analytic reasoning skills
  • Ability to structure and support a logical argument
  • Ability to formulate and test hypotheses using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies
  • Insightful observation skills (e.g. identifying and unpacking presuppositions)
  • Powerful communication skills (designing a message for reception by specific audiences)

When describing your responsibilities in previous positions, focus onĀ action words for maximum impact. Sell your work!

These comprehensiveĀ resume tips are tailored to students in the GU School of Foreign Service but outline important considerations for all resume writers!