MLC Career Exploration Expo

The Watch this space for the 2015 MLC Career Exploration Expo – coming in Spring 2015

The MLC Career Expo is an annual event that brings together professionals in a variety of fields relevant to linguists — from research and consulting to writing and education. We are thrilled to invite linguistics students at all stages of their educational and professional development to attend and to learn about some of the exciting opportunities and possible career paths for people with skills and training in linguistics.

Professional participants will be on hand to talk about their organizations and their work as researchers, consultants, writers, editors, trainers, managers, and language and communication specialists in government, education, business and non-profit sectors (among others). Representatives from 20+ organizations will be in attendance, including the Center for Applied Linguistics, the US House of Representatives, Marketeching, Verilogue, Reading Partners, and Ogilvy CommonHealth, to name a few.

“As someone who can be repelled by the word ‘networking,’ I was struck by how friendly and approachable everyone was and how eager they were to share advice and offer new points of contact. Linguists really do look out for one another!” – Julia Weisman, MLC 2014

Note that this is not a job fair, and participants are not hiring representatives but just generous people who have agreed to share their time with us because they are excited to talk with students about the work that they do! However, students may find it helpful to bring resumes or business cards to facilitate networking, discussion, and questions about their own career paths. We also suggest that students do a little advance research on the organizations that will be in attendance, and come prepared with specific questions to make the most of their time. See below for a sampling of participating people and organizations, and stay tuned for the final list in the coming days.

Want to know more?  Contact Anastasia and/or talk to current students about recent expos. See one alumna’s reaction to the first expo on her blog, here.

A sampling of 2014 Participants:

  • Katy Hewett – Ogilvy CommonHealth
  • Jessica Grieser – Linguistic Society of America
  • Jennifer Walters – US House of Representatives, Periodical Press Gallery
  • Monica Belford, Kevin Johnson, and Briana Pereira – Marketeching
  • Andy Andrianantoandro – The Public Interest at Partnership for Working Families
  • Brook Hefright – UMD CASL
  • Casey Tesfaye – Peer mentor (Georgetown MLC graduate)
  • Katharine Spehar and Charles Stansfield – Second Language Testing Inc.
  • Carolyn Reed and Kathryn Ticknor – Verilogue
  • Naomi Shachter and Kayla Saadeh – Reading Partners
  • Greg Niedt – Shutterstock
  • Alison DeBoer – Graduate Admissions, Georgetown University
  • Aviad Eliam – Peer mentor
  • Sue Lorenson – Associate Dean, Adjunct Lecturer, Georgetown College, Department of Linguistics
  • Christopher Phippspeer mentor
  • Atakan Ince – CACI
  • Iouri Bairatchnyi – Cross-Cultural Communication consultant
  • Marc Okrandpeer mentor, formerly of the National Captioning Institute


“All the representatives were friendly and very willing to chat. I had great conversations about my career possibilities after graduating, and found myself considering options I wouldn’t have thought of before the expo.” – Gwynne Mapes, current MLC student