Applied Sociolinguistics Articles

Our ever-growing collection of prominent articles in Applied Sociolinguistics. These are some examples of research being done within the discipline of linguistics dealing with institutions and organizations outside academia.

Professional Linguistics:

  • Crystal, David (2009) Just a Phrase I’m Going Through: My Life in Language. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Sarangi, Srikant (2007) Editorial: The Anatomy of Interpretation: Coming to Terms with the Analyst’s Paradox in Professional Discourse Studies. Text & Talk 27-5/6: 567-584
  • Linde, Charlotte (2001) Narrative and social tacit knowledge. Journal of Knowledge Management 5 (2): 160-170.
  • Shuy, Roger W. (1984) Linguistics in Other Professions. Annual Review of Anthropology 13: 419-45.

Language and Business:

  • Coulter, K. S. & Coulter R. A. (2010) Small sounds, big deals: Phonetic symbolism effects in pricing. In Journal of Consumer Research 37(2): 315-328.
  • Sunderland, P.L. and R. M. Denny (2007) Framing cultural questions: What is coffee in Benton Harbor and Bangkok? In Doing Anthropology, eds. P.L. Sunderland and R. M. Denny. Walnut Cree, California: Left Coast Press. 57-82.
  • Delin, J. (2005) Brand tone of voice: a linguistic analysis of brand positions. Journal of Applied Linguistics 2(1): 1-44.
  • Kleifgen, J.A. (2001) Assembling Talk: Social Alignments in the Workplace. Research on Language and Social Interaction 34(3): 279–308.
  • Bruthiaux, Paul (1996) The Discourse of Classified Advertising: Exploring the Nature of Linguistic Simplicity (Chapter 1). New York: Oxford University Press.

Language and Education:

  • Wright, Laura (2008) Learning by Doing; The Objectification of Knowledge across Semiotic Modalities in Middle School Chemistry Lab Activities. Linguistics and Education 19: 225-243.
  • Mernard-Warwick, J. (2005) Intergenerational trajectories and sociopolitical context: Latina immigrants in Adult ESL. TESOL Quarterly 39(2): 165-185.
  • Adger, Carolyn Temple (2001). School-Community-Based Organization Partnerships for Language Minority Students’ School Success. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk 6(1&2): 7-25.

Language and Health Care:

Language and Law:

Language and Social Justice:

  • Jacquemet, Marco (2009) Transcribing refugees: the externalization of asylum seekers’ hearings in a transidiomatic environment. Text & Talk 29 (5): 535-546.
  • Grady, Joseph and Axel Aubrun (2008) Provoking Thought, Changing Talk: Discussing Inequality.  You Can Get There From Here (1) 3-12.
  • Bartlett, Tom (2006) Linguistics and Positioning Theory within Conflict Analysis and Resolution: Work in Progress. Social Justice 6(1): 113-133.
  • Baugh, John (2003) Linguistic Profiling. In Black Linguistics: Language, Society, and Politics in Africa and the Americas, ed. by Sinfree Makoni et al, pp. 155-163. New York: Routledge.