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Diverse and regular opportunities for professional exploration and networking are the main factor that set the MLC apart from traditional MA programs in linguistics. The BrownBag and Speaker Series are one way students engage in this aspect of the program. This page contains recordings of past presentations and workshops as well as alumni interviews for those with questions about the program or application process.

Speaker Series: Dr. Blake Howald, September 2015
Dr. Howald offered advice on how subject-matter experts can remain relevant in the ever-changing Research and Development industry by bringing deep and sincere understanding of their area to their positions.

Alumni Interviews with Hanwool Choe and Alex Botti, Fall 2015
Two MLC alumni shared their experiences before, during, and after their time in the program to provide useful information to potential applicants.

Speaker Series: Gretchen McCulloch, January 2016
Gretchen McCulloch talked about how to present linguistics for the general audience through social media and how to use our knowledge in linguistics to make ourselves a better job candidate.

Dr. Blake Howald from MLC Georgetown on Vimeo.

In a talk given as part of the 2015 MLC Speaker Series, Dr. Blake Howald discussed the application of his linguistics training to his work in Research and Development. In this clip, he offers advice on maintaining relevance as a subject-matter expert through the ever-changing demands of the market.

Dr. Howald is Manager of Content Strategy and Planning in Thomson Reuters’ central technology group where he focuses on efforts to streamline the creation, maintenance and governance of content within an enterprise (“big data”) context. Blake received a BA from the University of Pittsburgh, a JD from the University of Detroit Mercy and a MS and PhD from Georgetown University.

For the transcript of the talk, please click here

What brought you to the MLC? from MLC Georgetown on Vimeo.

What if I don't have a linguistics background? from MLC Georgetown on Vimeo.

What if I decide to pursue academia? from MLC Georgetown on Vimeo.

How to de-pretentious your writing? from MLC Georgetown on Vimeo.

For the transcript of the talk, please click here

How to explain things accessibly without over-simplifying? from MLC Georgetown on Vimeo.

For the transcript of the talk, please click here

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