Christopher Phipps

Staff Scientist and Linguist at Strategic Analysisme Apr 11, 2013 9-44-05 PM

I work in NLP research and development. I am an academically trained linguist with NLP experience. Currently I serve as a scientific adviser (SETA) to The Metaphor Program within the US Government’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). I provide technical guidance to the Government Program Manager who oversees five academic teams developing cutting edge software that automatically identifies and categorizes metaphors in English and foreign languages.

I provide oversight of NLP teams composed of academic/industry collaborators each producing software suits designed to automatically identify and interpret linguistic metaphor in unstructured, natural language texts in English and other languages. The teams are using a mix of techniques and algorithms such as WordNet selectional restrictions, LDA topic models, dependency parsers, machine learning, and corpus statistics. It’s my role to evaluate their methods, analyze their technical reports, and assist the government Program Manager in assessing the overall success of the processes and output of each system. Additionally, I provide oversight of human subject social science evaluation methods.

Specialties: Cognitive Linguistics, Metaphor, Corpus Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, social science evaluation

Christopher blogs at “The Lousy Linguist”

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