MLC Speaker Series – Lauren Collister, “The Linguist in the Library with a Candlestick: CLUES for Working in an Academic Library”

Please join us for the fourth and final MLC Speaker Series event of the semester!

This week we are joined by Lauren Collister, sociolinguist and open access advocate.

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Date, time, location: Friday, April 17th, 1 pm – 2:15 pm, Poulton Hall 230

The Linguist in the Library with a Candlestick: CLUES for Working in an Academic Library

Lauren B. Collister, PhD – Electronic Publications Associate at University of Pittsburgh

The academic library is often viewed as the heart of the campus and is one of the behind-the-scenes drivers of scholarly research and university education. Libraries require people with many different skill sets to drive their various programs and initiatives in support of their campus communities. Linguists bring a particular set of skills to the academic library which I call CLUES: Computers, Language, Understanding, Education, and Science. Whether it’s expertise at using digital research tools and software, linguistic knowledge of communication styles, experience as an author or editor of scholarly journals and books, practical knowledge of the university teaching experience, or knowledge of data gathering requirements for research projects, linguists have the tools to contribute to an academic library environment and find a place to pursue their scholarly interests. In this talk, I will describe how my background in linguistics and academia got me into the scholarly communication field, and I will share initiatives being developed by libraries across the world that align with a linguistics background. We will also explore actual job postings that illuminate the roles that linguists can play in the academic library world.

Lauren B. Collister, Ph.D., is a sociolinguist, digital games scholar, and Open Access advocate. She works for the Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing at the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh. In her role, she helps journal editors manage software and policies for publishing Open Access journals and does outreach work about Open research, education, and publishing in the campus community and beyond. She also teaches online for Southern New Hampshire University.

Lauren tweets at @parnopaeus and blogs at

About the MLC Speaker Series:
Speakers in the MLC series are linguists and practitioners in a broad range of industries, from academic research to market research and user experience design. The MLC events are focused on highlighting how practitioners apply linguistic training in their chosen fields, as well as on practical career development topics tailored to linguists.